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August 2012

Transparent CAD model in preparation for pattern tooling design.


The rear view of the sectioned and semi-transparent block that exposes the internal walls of the water jacket. The grooves for the 'O' rings will be inserted as part of the machining process. gold 1
Viewed from the underside: the upper main bearing housings, lower liner lands and the lower crankcase mating face. gold 2
Overhead view of the block, front to the right, showing the fire-faces in semi-transparent style revealing the stud hole positions and water jacket walls inside the casting. gold3

Rear elevation of the block showing the starter orifice on the left, crankshaft exit and the housing for the closing plate and vent.

The holes on the right side wall are, from the top downwards:-
 -  mounting for the redundant oil cooler
 -  passages from the oil pressure relief valve into the timing case
 -  passage into the oil gallery
 -  oil filler pipe inlet to the sump.

gold  4
The front of the engine exposing the details for the timing case, the two distributor towers and the lateral chamber that carries the drive shaft between the camshaft, the two distributors and the oil pump.  All of the oil passages will be completed as part of the machining process. gold 5
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