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July 2012

Audit review of the model


Sectional view through #3 bores showing the cam bearing bridges and apertures in the water passage walls. thru 1
Horizontal sectional view, from front (left) to rear, taken on a line above the upper crankshaft bearing housings thru 2
Sectioned through #2 bores.  Clearly showing the backed-up lands for the main bearing studs and, between these, the location for the bearing shell dowel.  On the exterior right are the 4 mounting lugs for the oil filter canister and, in the support leg, the partially formed housing for the tappet oil filter. thru 3
The same section as above  rotated to give a view of the internal webs and, on the underside of the fire faces, the strengthening bosses at the upper edge of the outer water jacket. thru 4
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