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November 2013 to July 2015

From the workshop to the road


This  should contain a film of the first block being cast, however, the software (or author) is struggling to make it work.

Watch this space...




Preliminary installation of the cylinder liners, without the two lower 'O' rings installed, to ensure an accurate fit into the lower lands and upper counter-bore.


This picture shows how the liners are gently tapped into place using a purpose made aluminium drift.


All 12 liners are successfully installed in the first block to be built up as a complete engine.

An off side view of the completed engine installed in its chassis. block_os

Near side view.

Square-on view of the nearside. block_ns
The car into which the engine was installed.  It is photographed outside this famous hostelry during its first long distance road test in early 2015.  The car has since been driven around Europe without incident. car_1
Burghley House, July 2015, RREC National Rally.  This car won first prize in the concourse Class 4 for Phantom III. car_2


Last updated on Tuesday, 21st July 2015
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