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April & May 2012

Preliminary design & CAD development


This is a sectioned internal core pattern displaying the numerous elements that go into the design.  The different colours highlight the timing case, paired cylinder liner cores, cam wells and flywheel housing. model 1
The exterior design shown placed around the cores to give an idea of how the design will develop as the data is input. model 2
Here is an external representation showing some of the innumerable datum lines that have to be drawn and verified to ensure an accurate end product. model 3
The preliminary outline of the block that sets out the basic dimensions and relationship of all of the major parts: front to the right. model 4
As detail is added the image fills out to give a more accurate outline. Note the development of the housing for the distributor cross-shaft drive that is driven from the front of the camshaft. model 7
The nearside front distributor tower and cross-shaft detail are developing but do not yet have the material built up around the latter. model 19
More information is added: the distributor towers are in place, flanges and stud housings appear and the A bank (nearside) details are shown. model 29
An orthographic view of the block as the design nears completion.  Front and rear elevations give an idea of the difficulty of incorporating all of the fine outlines of webs, passageways, stud housings and a myriad other details that are necessary for a successful casting. model 27
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